About Aditi

As a business leader and an active leader in multiple nonprofits, I have my hands in a lot of things. Yet what I am today is tempered by the things I experienced getting to this point.

Born and raised in India, I earned my first degree from the University of Mumbai. I then attended the University of Wales (UK) where I got my master’s degree. Following my education, I went to work for Hewlett-Packard in sales. I eventually worked my way into the position of Channel Certification Program Manager for the Middle East Region.

Today I divide my time between WebTek Interactive, where I am the Business Development, Finance and Project Manager, and my volunteer work as president of both UNA Austin and GlobalAustin.

How did I get from a childhood in India to my current place in the Austin community? Passion. I learned to pursue my passions early on, which helped me get through school and into the business world. The same passion that helped me succeed in my career now drives what I do in the nonprofit sector. In fact, there are two things I am intensely passionate about: human rights and economic diplomacy.

Like you, I believe that every person is entitled to basic human rights that should be respected by all others. We may be from different countries that speak different languages. We may be different in terms of skin color, gender, education level and economic status, but we are all humans. We all deserve to be treated with decency and respect. That is what human rights are all about.

Furthermore, human rights and economic diplomacy cannot be separated. True economic diplomacy depends on the recognition and implementation of basic human rights. And human rights will never be extended to all until economic opportunity creates the environment for doing so.

I hope you share my passion for making a better world through advocacy. If so, I encourage you to find ways to put your own passions to use for the benefit of others. If we all strive to advocate for those in need, we can make a difference.

 – Aditi Joshi