Speaking Engagements

My involvement in the local Austin community often presents public speaking opportunities. Over the years I have addressed crowds of all sizes on topics ranging from global human rights to local charity and advocacy. I would be thrilled to address your organization or speak at any one of your public outreach events.

Note that I focus my public speaking efforts on two key areas:

1. Economic Development

My formal training is in business and economics. I have two business-related degrees, one from the University of Mumbai (India) and the other from the University of Wales (UK). The latter is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

I harness my formal training along with my years of experience in the business world to discuss topics relating to local, regional, and international economic development. I am passionate about economic diplomacy, so I can readily speak on economic development in relation to its impact on other areas of concern – like global poverty, human rights, and education.

As a local business leader, I am equally passionate about economic development here in Austin. I believe that local economics are the seed of local advocacy, and local advocacy the seed of global change.

2. Women’s Rights

Women’s rights are extremely important to me. Having grown up in India, I know firsthand what it is like to live under a class system. I have learned over the years that women’s rights are only recognized when we fight for them. To that end, I firmly believe in advocating for women’s rights at every opportunity.

I speak on women’s rights as a means of educating. Knowledge is power, and the more we all know about women’s rights issues, the more empowered we will be to affect change.